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At MitraQSR, we believe that our culture defines us. When our restaurant employees see the COO walk into their restaurant,
their immediate reaction is not “Uh-Oh, here comes the boss”, but instead, “Thank goodness, here comes help.”
This mindset can be seen at all levels of our organization and we believe this is a key reason why we win.
Our commitment to each other, commitment to results and commitment to our guests is what
has (and will continue to) propelled our success. Our values are a part of our DNA.



Mitra is a high-energy, fast-moving company on a mission to become one of the largest and most profitable franchisees in the QSR industry. While our company is made up of an extremely diverse group of individuals, the essential common trait that we all share is passion. Passion for food, passion for growth and passion for helping one another. We believe that skills can be acquired, developed and sharpened over time, but passion is either part your DNA or not. If you bring the passion, we will supply the rest of the tools and training you need to achieve incredible success in our organization.



Our entire business model revolves around teamwork. You can’t run a restaurant with one employee and you are only as strong as the weakest member of your team. While we certainly recognize standout individual efforts, we place true value on your ability to build and be part of high-functioning teams. The most successful people at Mitra are the ones who have a demonstrated track record of building great teams who execute at the highest levels through by collaborating with and trusting in one another.



We are a highly competitive organization. We want to be the best franchise organization we can be. We ask our teams to strive for excellence and to never be satisfied with anything less. We all make mistakes, we all experience failure. What matters most to us is how you learn from mistakes, how you learn from failure, and how you pull yourself back up when you get knocked down.
We are Mitra QSR.

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